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Quik Tea

Quik Tea Masala Chai Tea Bags- Pack of 72 bags

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Enjoy the ultimate taste of home with our Masala (spiced) Tea . This perfect proportion of traditional Indian chai spices and black tea gently awakens the senses and is the ideal ‘pick me-upper’ for any time of the day.
Rich in anti-oxidants and other health benefits, QuikTea’s flagship blend has refined the Chai Wallah (the Indian street vendors of Masala Chai) experience, making it ready for whenever and wherever you are!
We are committed to delivering complex flavors in a simple cup, allowing you to bring the authentic chai experience to you. Buy a box online today and enjoy all the wonderful aroma of Darjeeling and Assam tea blended with the soothing flavors of masala. Ease your cares away.