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Britannia Digestive Sugar Free Biscuits 12.34oz (350g) - Whole Wheat Flavor Cookies - Breakfast & Tea Time Healthy Snacks - Pack 4

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  • Each Premium Quality Digestive biscuits are deliciously crunchy. These light, crispy wheat biscuits are an excellent source of fiber. Designed to maintain digestive and gut health Britannia’s Digestives are rich in fiber.
  • Britannia’s Regular Digestive sugar free is the healthy choice for those who don’t compromise on taste. Packed with the irresistible taste of real wheat. Our perfectly sweet Crunchy digestive cookies let you indulge in a cookie craving that does more for you, thanks to our ingredients.
  • Tea times are incomplete without Britannia Digestive cookies. While many factors affect heart disease, diets low in saturated fat and cholesterol may reduce the risk of this disease.
  • Zero % Trans fat, Whole Wheat Flour. Easy, wholesome bites for breakfast, snack time, or an on-the-go invigorating treat. With wholesome ingredients feel good about rewarding yourself for a job well done.
  • All our products are carefully packaged under the most hygienic conditions according to an international quality standard.100% Vegetarian.

Details: Product Features: Good Morning Energy Lightly sweet and crunchy, Britannia Digestive Breakfast Biscuits are made with whole wheat ingredients. These biscuits are specially baked to release up to 4 hours of nutritious steady energy. These breakfast cookies are also made with 18 grams of whole grain per 50-gram serving. Each pack of breakfast bars contains 4 biscuits for you to enjoy as an instant breakfast wherever you are. Britannia Digestive Original Sugar Free Cookies Digestive biscuits were created as a way to keep you full during a busy day while offering at least a bit of healthy nutrition, mostly in the form of dietary fiber. Modern digestive biscuits don't all aspire to the same lofty goals, so it's crucial to read the nutrition labels. The best digestive biscuits will contain whole wheat flour, butter, and possibly oats. Enjoy the Moment Slow down, and savor the satisfaction of a sweet break in your day. From the moment you take your first bite, enjoy the perfect crunchiness and subtly sweet flavor of a true Britannia treat. About Us: Britannia is one of the leading biscuit manufacturing companies in the world and enjoys a turnover of over 1.4 Bn USD annually. We produce over 1 million tons of biscuits a year. Our legacy of baking expertise since 1892 has helped us spread smiles across countless homes. Today, we have state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities to help us delight consumers in over 60 countries. We operate with 80 internationally benchmarked manufacturing units across India, Oman, and the UAE with BRC, ISO 9001-2000, and ISO 22000 certifications. We specialize in multiple categories of biscuits. Britannia is constantly innovating and improving the quality of our biscuits with the help of our modern R&D facilities, which are among the best in Asia. The finest ingredients are sourced from the best suppliers.